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My Mom Is the Best Circus - Luciana Navarro Powell Would you believe me if I said this book tells the story of my life? It totally does, and because of this, I feel I have a special appreciation for this short, yet funny little book. The artwork is very colorful and really does a great job at encompassing all the duties motherhood has to offer.

What I really loved was the fact that the mom manages to take care of all her responsibilities at home with her kids, at work and her children (who narrate) understand that. Through the kids' narration, you get a sense of wonder and fascination from their over all the amazing things their mom can do everyday and how they interpret it. When their mom does the laundry, they see this as her taming ferocious beasts. While their mom makes them breakfast, they see this as her being a maestro. And their mom manages to do all this and more... in heels (or stilts to them)! You can really feel the admiration the kids have for their mother.

This book features hard pages, which is awesome for those with younger children, like myself, who love to put any and everything in their mouths, from flip flops to books. It makes for easier page-turning for the tots. I always love these books best simply for their durability, knowing they have a better chance of survival against the whim of my children.

I'd recommend this one for moms with kids ages 0-5 or even early readers since it is features fairly simple words and is short.

5 Year-Old Thoughts: "Awesome book!"

And there you have it from the mouth of a babe. Awesome book.